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Here's some code written by me, and its documentation. Most is in English, although I acknowledge my writings do not reflect the finest form of Shakespeare's language.

2006.04.08. QLCK PHP functions to manage race conditions, and their documentation, also available online.
2006.04.18. flock() test scripts to show how this PHP function works, and that it does its job fine.

The following tutorials are work in progress, so may and do contain unresolved questions and points — highlighted in yellow. If you can help, please feel free to send answers or suggest improvements.
Please note that the information contained in these documents is provided as is, without express or implied warranty or liability of any kind. The operations described worked for me and may work for you, but I don't assume any responsibility. What you will do is at your own risk.

2004.12.01. KNOPPIX - Poor Man's Install — loads into RAM from hard disk, runs quicker than from CD-ROM.
2004.12.01. KNOPPIX - Installazione del povero — si carica in memoria da disco fisso, è più veloce che da CD-ROM.
2005.07.02. Damn Small Linux 1.2.1 da Zip + dischetto d'avvio — Un'installazione del poverissimo.

2006.05.21. Installazione e configurazione di Windows 98 SE.
2006.06.10. Clonare il disco fisso con Linux — creare un'immagine con dd e parted. — NUOVO!
2006.12.15. Cloning a hard disk with Linux — create a drive image using dd and parted. — NEW!

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